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Methodologies for the study of conflict and recovery


Early Warning, Prevention and Post Conflict Reconstruction

Charting the Roads to Peace: Facts, Figures and Trends in Conflict Resolution (CHD, Sep 2007)

Developing Conflict Early Warning and Early Response System in Southeast Asia (January 2006)

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict

Conflict Risk Assessment Report: Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines (Nov 2001)

Conflict Analysis and Response Definition - Abridged Methodology (FEWER, April 2001)

Planning Integrated Responses to Conflict

Abridged Thesaurus and Glossary of Early Warning and Conflict Prevention (May 1998)

Seven Steps Tool for Development in Conflict (FEWER, International Alert and Saferworld) 

Promoting Development in Areas of Actual or Potential Violent Conflict: Approaches in Conflict Impact Assessment and Early Warning (FEWER, International Alert)

Gender and Conflict Early Warning: A Framework for Action (Swiss Peace Foundation, IA, 2002)

Gender Mainstreaming in Peace Support Operations: Moving Beyond Rhetoric to Practice (IA, 2002)

Univ. Mass - Learning in Post-Conflict Situations

Conflict and Project Finance: Exploring Options for the Better Management of Conflict Risk (IA, Jan 2006)

Rockefeller and Goldman Sachs - Social Impact Assessment (March 2003)

Local Business, Local Peace: The Peacebuilding Potential of the Domestic Private Sector (IA, July 2006)

Conflict-Sensitive Project Finance: Better Lending Practice in Conflict-Prone States

Minorities at Risk Project

World Bank - Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction [Social Analysis]

VENRO Project - Poverty Reduction and Crisis Prevention: How Can Poverty Reduction Be Shaped Conflict-Sensitively?

Hannah Reich - "Local Ownership" in Conflict Transformation Projects: Partnership, Participation or Patronage?

KAIPCT - Cultural Diversity in Peace Operations: Training Challenges

USIP - Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods to Forecast Instablity (Mar 2008)

See Policy Alternatives Page

See Future Conflict Risks Page


Conflict Assessment

Paul Wehr's Conflict Mapping Guide and the Hocker-Wilmot Conflict Assessment Guide

Paul Wehr on Conflict Mapping (with links) / Paul Wehr (Home Page)

Conflict Prognostication: Toward a Tentative Framework for Conflict Assessment, Revised version (Suzanne Verstegen, September 1999)

Conflict Research Design Platform (Households in Conflict Network) [HiCN home]

Kanti Bajpai - Human Security: Concept and Measurement

Conflict Research Consortium: International Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict

Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation

Transitions from Violence to Peace: Revisiting Analysis and Intervention in Conflict Transformation (Berghof, November 2006)

Eldis Conflict and Security Resource Guide

New Trends in Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (Berghof, 2005)

The Conflict Management Toolkit. Washington: SAIS-JHU

Frances Stewart and Valpy FitzGerald: Assessing the Economic Costs of War (Chap. 1)

DFID - Conducting Conflict Assessments: Guidance Notes [local copy]

UNHCR Tool for Participatory Assessment in Operations

UNDG Post-Conflict Needs Assessments

Research Guide for the Child Soldiers Global Report 2004 (Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, June 2003)

Internationally Comparable Indicators of Violence (R. Diprose, CRISE, April 2008)


Costs of Conflict

The Costs of Armed Conflict (Elisabeth Scöns, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) [local]

Measuring the Economic Costs of Internal Armed Conflict: A Review of Empirical Estimates (Göran Lindgren) [local]

Economic Consequences of Terror: A Brief Survey (T Brück and B.A. Wickström)

Measuring the Costs of Conflict (Anke Hoeffler and Marta Reynal-Querol, March 2003) [local]

The Costs of Conflict: Prevention and Cure in the Global Arena (Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict)


Conflict Study: A Brief History

The Development of Conflict Knowledge, by Paul Wehr


Theoretical Perspectives

Why is Liberal Peace-Building So Difficult? Some Lessons from Central America (S. Kurtenbach, Sep 2007, pdf688kb)

Aid to Fragile States: Do Donors Help or Hinder (Stephen Browne, May 2007) [local]

Sustaining the Peace: Determinants of Civil War Recurrence (Quinn, Mason and Gurses, Dec 2005) [local]

Horizontal Inequalities, Political Environment, and Civil Conflict: Evidence from 55 Developing Countries, 1986-3003

Conflict Resolution or Conflict Transformation? (differences discussed in a text by H. Miall) [offline 11/06]

Post-Conflict Recovery: Does the Global Economy Work for Peace? (Tony Addison, WIDER Discussion Paper)

Papers by Frances Stewart on the Causes of Conflict:

Horizontal Inequalities: A Neglected Dimension of Development

Root Causes of Violent Conflict in Developing Countries

Crisis Prevention: Tackling Horizontal Inequalities

Poverty and Violent Conflict: A Micro-Level Perspective on the Causes and Duration of Warfare (P. Justino, May 2008)



Strategic Peacebuilding: Issues and Answers (Peter Wallenstein, Sep 2007)


Comparative Perspectives


Peace and Development Analysis (main resource page)

Overcoming Violent Conflict: Peace and Development Analysis (.pdf)

Vol. 1: West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Madura (1067kb)

Vol. 2: Nusa Tenggara Timur (1453kb)

Vol. 3: Central Sulawesi (1393kb)

Vol. 4: Maluku and North Maluku (1357kb)

Vol. 5: Indonesia (1115kb)

Anatomy of Social Violence in the Context of Transition: The Case of Indonesia 1990-2001 (Moh. Zulfan Tadjoeddin, April 2002)   Versi bahasa Indonesia: Anatomi Kekerasan Sosial dalam Konteks Transisi: Kasus Indonesia 1990-2001

Database on Social Violence in Indonesia 1990-2001 (Moh. Zulfan Tadjoeddin, April 2001)

Local Conflict and Community Development in Indonesia: Assessing the Impact of the Kecamatan Development Program (Patrick Barron, Rachael Diprose and Michael Woolcock, WB, July 2006)

Local Conflict and Development Projects in Indonesia: Part of the Problem or Part of a Solution (Barron, Diprose and Wollcock, WB, 2006)



Tierras: Promoting Peaceful Solutions to Land Conflicts in Alta Verapaz (Mercy Corps, pdf1.78mb)

The International Response to Conflict and Genocide: Lessons from the Rwanda Experience (Danida report)

Gender, Peace and Peacekeeping: Lessons from Southern Africa (Anu Pillay, ISS, October 2006, .pdf265kb)

Conciliation Resources Comparative Learning Project

The Economics of Civil War, Crime and Violence, World Bank

The Aftermath of Civil War (World Bank, pdf1.35mb)

Dealing With the Past: Experiences of Transitional Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Processes After Periods of Violent Conflict in Africa (Anika May for Conciliation Resources, May 2006)

Designer Truth Commissions by Tina Rosenberg (New York Times, December 9, 2001)

Is Collective Violence Correlated with Social Pluralism? (R.J. Rummel, 2001)

From Conflict to Recovery in the Nile Basin (Simon A. Mason, 2003)

Lethal Ethnic Riots: Lessons from India and Beyond (USIP, 2003)

Just Change: Making Peace (dev-zone.org, July 2006, pdf2.73mb)

Can Conflict Analysis Processes Support Gendered Visions of Peace Building? (Yvonne Shanahan, pdf331kb)


Reporting Research and Peace Journalism

Peace journalism in Poso: When reporting ethnic conflict, journalists can make a difference, by Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick (Inside Indonesia 66, Apr-June 2001)

Reporting the World: Indonesia - Peace Journalism and Explaining Violence

Public Information as a Mission Critical Component of West African Peace Operations (Charlie Hunt, ACCORD, pdf285kb)

International Council on Human Rights Policy: Journalism, Media and the Challenge of Human Rights Reporting (Jan 2002, pdf664kb)



CRInfo: The Conflict Resolution Information Source

BeyondIntractibility.org Knowledge Base

CRC Abstracts on Conflict Resolution, Peacemaking and Environmental Problem Solving

INCORE Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

Peace, Conflict & Development: An Interdisciplinary Journal

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100 Resource Books for Conflict Transformation



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