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Aceh Conflict and Post-Tsunami Recovery




Negotiating Decommissioning and Reintegration in Aceh (K. Liesinen and S. Lahdensuo, pp19-28 in HDC Viewpoints I, pdf1.3mb)

Peace Without Justice? The Helsinki Peace Process in Aceh.(E. Aspinall, CHD, Apr 2008, pdf192kb)

Aceh Economic Update (WB, Nov 2007, pdf502kb) [Bahasa, pdf545kb]

Aceh Reconstruction Finance Update (WB, Nov 2007, pdf796kb)

ARN Aceh Recovery Newsletter (Provincial Government and BRR, Nov 2007)

Plight of Javanese Refugees from Aceh (George Aditjondro, Jakarta Post, 22 Oct 2007)

Aceh: Post-Conflict Complications (ICG Asia Report No. 139, 4 Oct 2007)

Drop in Violent Incidents (WB Conflict Monitoring Updates, Sep 2007) [Bahasa: Sep] [All Reports Aug 2005-Present]

The Golden Crop? Palm Oil in Post-Tsunami Aceh (Eye on Aceh, Sep 2007, pdf913kb) [Bahasa, pdf577kb]

SCMP: Tsunami's Tide of Goodwill Leaves Rebels in the Cold (SCMP, 9 Sep 2007)

WB: Nias Public Expenditure Analysis 2007 (English, pdf1.91mb) [Bahasa, pdf1.8mb)]

Repaving the Road to Peace: Analysis of DD&R in Aceh (Christine Beeck, BICC) [local]

Aceh Flood: Damage and Loss Assessment (KDP-WB, 24 July 2007, pdf2.25mb)

Violent Incidents Continue (WB Conflict Monitoring Updates, May 2007, June-July, Aug [Bahasa: Mei, Juni-Juli, Agu]

Aceh-Nias Reconstruction and Rehabilitation: Progress and Challenges at the End of 2006 (ADBI, June 2007, pdf1.07mb) [local]

Study Finds Acehnese Suffer High Rates of Conflict Trauma (IOM, 19 June 2007) [full report] [local] [JP: another study]

Aceh Tsunami Survivors Put Pressure on Aid Groups (Glenda Cooper, 13 June 2007)

WB Aceh Conflict Monitoring Update for April finds "worrying increase in serious violent incidents" [versi Bahasa Indonesia]

UNDP Aceh Nias News (May 2007) [June 2007] [ERTR 2nd Annual Report]

[UNDP-BAPPENAS Strengthening Sustainable Peace and Development in Aceh Project]

INEF Newsletter 'Haba Geutanyoe' (May 2007)

Kertas Kerja: Catatan Tentang Pembangunan Aceh Kembali: Kasus Aceh Barat (Mashudi Noorsalim, Interseksi Foundation)

UNHCR's Response to the Tsunami Emergency in Indonesia and Sri Lanka December 2004-November 2006

List of Newly-elected District Heads [NAD Provincial Government list]

How GAM Won in Aceh, ICG Asia Briefing No. 61, 22 March 2007 (pdf858kb)

Evaluasi Situasi Perempuan Tahun 2006 di Aceh (Gender Working Group, 8 March 2007)

EU EOM Chief Arrives in Aceh to Monitor Local Elections (Jakarta Post, 3 March 2007) [EU Election Observation Mission 2006] [EC Assistance to Aceh - Overview] [Aceh Monitoring Mission website] [Building Peace in Aceh (on AMM)] [Emerging from the Shadows: The EU's Role in Conflict Resolution in Indonesia (Caroline Bivar, EPC, pdf121kb)] [Indian Ocean Tsunami - The EU Response]

Armed Separatism and the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh (Arno Waizenegger, Asia Pacific Foundation Canada, February 2007, pdf344kb) [podcast 3.11mb]

Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies Conference papers (fulltext) [Leena Avonius: Aceh Peace Process and Justice]

Aceh Enters New Era with Irwandi at the Helm (Jakarta Post, 9 February 2007)

La résolution du conflit à Aceh par les organisations de la société civile: échec ou succès? (pp. 55-68 in S. Kreidi, DEA thesis)

Forbes Damai Aceh [Aceh Conflict and Election Monitoring Updates] [Aceh Pilkada Dynamics - Inaugural Edition] [2nd Ed.] [3rd Ed.]

French Watchdog Says Reallocate Excess Tsunami Aid (Reuters 3 January 2007)

Learning from Cash Responses to the Tsunami (Lesley Adams, HPG, January 2007, pdf769kb)

UNDP Access to Justice in Aceh: Making the Transition to Sustainable Peace and Development in Aceh (pdf3.28mb)

InterAction Tsunami Accountability Report (December 2006, pdf6.53mb)

Recovery Aceh Nias (RAN) Database

Aceh and Nias: Two Years After the Tsunami (BRR-GoI, 28 Dec 2006, pdf5.72mb)

Clinton Report: Key Propositions for Building Back Better (28 Dec 2006, pdf 3.22mb) [tsunamispecialenvoy.org]

Tsunami Response Watch: Manipulating Misery (Hari Mohammad, 22 Dec 2006)

WB Reconstruction Progress, Disbursements and Physical Outputs (2 Dec 2006) [WB Conflict Briefing English Indonesian]

Decentralizing Inequality? Center-Periphery Relations, Local Governance and Conflict in Aceh (conflictanddevelopment.org, December 2006)

UNISDR Lessons for a Safer Future: Drawing on the Experience of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (December 2006, pdf2.65mb)

Aceh Public Expenditure Analysis: Spending for Reconstruction and Poverty Reduction (WB, 4.09kb) [WB Aceh-Nias recovery page]

Oxfam Briefing Note: Land Rights in Aceh (30 Nov 2006)

Aceh's Local Elections: The Role of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), ICG Asia Briefing No. 57, 29 Nov 2006

Policy Note on Peaceful Elections for Peaceful Aceh: Conflict Management Findings from 2004 and Implications for Aceh 2006 (World Bank, 6 November 2006) [Aceh and Nias Tsunami Recovery] [Brief on Aceh Peace Agreement] [Other WB publications and reports]

Greenomics.org: Assessing the Constraints of Aceh Reconstruction [BRR Responds to Greenomics Survey]

United Nations Recovery Framework for Aceh and Nias 2006-2009 (UNRFAN, Oct 2006) [local]

NGO Impact Initiative: An Assessment by the International Humanitarian NGO Community (Oct 2006, pdf1.68mb)

The Right to Know: The Challenge of Public Information and Accountability in Aceh and Sri Lanka (Imogen Wall, October 2006, pdf

Lessons Learned and Good Practices from the ILO Aceh Programme

Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC) Report (July 2006)

Islamic Law and Criminal Justice in Aceh, ICG Asia Report No. 117, 31 July 2006

Indonesia: Support Needed for Return and Re-Integration of Displaced Acehnese Following Peace Agreement: A Profile of the Internal Displacement Situation (IDMC, 19 July 2006)

Office of the UN Recovery Coordinator for Aceh and Nias (UNORC) : Comprehensive News on Aceh and Nias

UNORC-IMS Documenation of Aceh-Nias Recovery

Too High a Price: The Human Rights Cost of the Indonesian Military's Economic Activities, HRW, 21 June 2006 [Reform of Military Business (HRW, 15 Feb 2007 English <Bahasa Indonesia>][Video: BBC HardTalk Interview with FM Hassan Wirajuda (on human rights, military)]

GAM Press Statement, 6 June 2006

Aceh Government Law (Unofficial English Version)

The Legislative Deliberations on the Law on the Governance of Aceh (Sebastian Braun)

Law on the Governing of Aceh - A Brief Review and Assessment (unofficial .ppt overview by Bernhard May)

Aceh: Now for the Hard Part, ICG Asia Briefing No. 48, 29 March 2006

ActionAid Tsunami Response: Psychosocial Care Report, 9 March 2006 (pdf305kb)

GAM Reintegration Needs Assessment (World Bank and DSF) [report] [executive summary]

Laporan : Assessmen Kebutuhan Reintegrasi GAM : Pemulihan Perdamaian melalui Program Pengembangan Tingkat Masyarakat (Bank Dunia dan DSF) [laporan] [rinkasan laporan]

A People's Agenda: Post-Tsunami Aid in Aceh (Eye on Aceh/Aidwatch, pdf1.32mb)

The Right To Return: IDPs in Aceh (Eva-Lotta E. Hedman)

EU External Relations Video: Tsunami One Year On - Rebuilding Aceh - EU Solidarity at Work (5'33")

Aceh: So Far, So Good, ICG Asia Briefing No. 44, 13 December 2005

Tsunami and Aceh Conflict Resolution (Svetlana Sinitchkina, ICE Case Studies 165, 17 November 2005)

Children and the Tsunami, A Year On: What Worked (UNICEF, November 2005)

Post-Tsunami Reconstruction and Peace Building in Aceh: Political Impacts and Potential Risks (Christine Susanna Tjhin, CSIS, October 2006)

Success of Finnish Mediator: Aceh Peace Talk (ScandAsia.com, 3 October 2005)

Conflict Analysis and Options for Systemic Conflict Transformation (Edward Aspinall for Berghof Foundation for Peace Support, August 2005)

The Helsinki Agreement: A More Promising Basis for Peace in Aceh? (Edward Aspinall; pdf402 Ko)

Aceh: A New Chance for Peace, ICG Asia Briefing No. 40, 15 August 2005

Horizontal Inequalities, Ethnic Separatism, and Violent Conflict: The Case of Aceh, Indonesia (UNDP-HDR, 2005, pdf164 Ko)

MoU RI-GAM [English] [Bahasa Indonesia]

EU External Relations Video: EU Supports the Aceh Monitoring Mission (10'55")

YouTube Video: CNBC Broadcast on Aceh Peace Agreement; interview w/Reuben Mondejar (CUHK), 15 August 2005

YouTube Video: Chris Roberts Interviews Ian Small (Oxfam) Following the Tsunami

YouTube Video: Richard Bestic on the Tsunami Aftermath

Aceh At War: Torture, Ill-Treatment, and Unfair Trials, HRW, 27 September 2004

Aceh Under Martial Law: Conflict, Violence and Displacement (Eva-Lotta Hedman, ed., 20 May 2004)

Aceh Under Martial Law: Problems Faced by Acehnese Refugees in Malaysia, HRW, April 2004

Aceh Then and Now (Lesley McCulloch, Minority Rights Group International)

Indonesia: Child Soldier Use 2003, HRW Multi Country Report, 16 January 2004

Aceh Under Martial Law: Inside the Secret War, HRW, 18 December 2003

Aceh Under Martial Law: Muzzling the Messengers: Attacks and Restrictions on the Media, HRW, 26 November 2003

Aceh Under Martial Law: Can These Men be Trusted to Prosecute this War? HRW Briefing Paper, October 2003

Aceh Under Martial Law: Unnecessary and Dangerous Restrictions on International Humanitarian Access, HRW Briefing Paper, 19 September 2003

ABC Four Corners - Independence Day: The Aceh Civil War (1 September 2003)

Aceh: How Not to Win Hearts and Minds, ICG Asia Briefing No. 27, 23 July 2003

Das Militär als Nutznießer (Sidney Jones, Frankfurter Rundschau, 15 July 2003)

Aceh Under Martial Law: Human Rights Under Fire, HRW Briefing Paper, 5 June 2003

Martial Law in Aceh After Two Months: The Sufferings of Aceh, the Burden of Indonesians, INFID Briefing paper

Jakarta Rights Group Attacked for Aceh Stance, HRW, 28 May 2003

Aceh: Why the Military Option Still Won't Work. ICG Briefing 9 May 2003

A Peace Plan for Aceh Indonesia (Sidney Jones, IHT 5 May 2003)

Nationalism Turns Eyes from Jakarta's Failures Indonesia's Fragile State (Sidney Jones, IHT, 26 March 2003)

Cessation of Hostilities: Indonesian Press Release 21 May 2003

Text of Cessation of Hostilities Framework Agreement

The Key Step for Peace is Ending Corruption (Sidney Jones, IHT, 2002)

World Bank: Promoting Peaceful Development in Aceh, 3 December 2002

Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Aceh. HRW Publication 14(1)(C), March 2002

Report of the EC Conflict Prevention Assessment Mission (Indonesia), March 2002

Pertanggungjawaban Atas Pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia di Aceh (versi Bahasa Indonesia)

Indonesia: The War in Aceh. Human Rights Watch Publication 13(4)(C), August 2001

Aceh: Can Autonomy Stem the Conflict?, Asia Report No. 18 , 27 June 2001

Aceh: Why Military Force Won't Bring Lasting Peace. ICG Asia Report No. 17, 12 June 2001

The Acehnese Resistance Movement and Exxon Mobil, Jeremy Schanck, ICE Case Studies No. 85, May 2001

Sidney Jones: Tribute to a Proud Acehnese (Inside Indonesia, Jan-Mar 2001)

Aceh: Escalating Tension. ICG Indonesia Briefing, 7 December 2000

Chris Wilson: Internal Conflict in Indonesia: Causes, Symptoms and Sustainable Resolution

Aceh: Ekologi Wilayah Perang. Down to Earth 47, November 2000

Activist and Press Backgrounder on ExxonMobil Activities in North Aceh (.pdf)

Sense of Congress Regarding Human Rights Violations in West Papua and Aceh [...], 4 May 2001 (.pdf-long download, see Sec. 737) [not online 11/06]

Sense of Congress Regarding Human Rights Violations in West Papua and Aceh [...], 22 May 2001

Indonesia: Positive Trends and the Implications for U.S. Strategic Interests

Indonesia in Transition: Recent Developments and Implications for U.S. Policy (10 March 2005)

Indonesia in Transition: Implications for U.S. Interests (18 July 2001)

Congressional Human Rights Testimony [ Jana Mason ] [ Edmond McWilliams ] [ Congressional Human Rights Caucus -  Indonesia]

History of Aceh (links). World History at KMLA; Main Events in History of Aceh

Chronology of Aceh (ABC 4 Corners) to 1/2005

Eye on Aceh website


Migration, Settlement and Deforestation in Sumatra

Kelahiran dan Perkembangan LSM di Aceh. CCDE, SMERU, Agustus 2000 (.pdf)

Population by District and Ethnicity (2000 census)

Database on Social Violence in Indonesia 1990-2001, by Moh. Zulfan Tadjoeddin (April 2001)

Overview of Sharia Law and Possible Punishments (Erica Harper, .doc 118 Ko)

Aceh Contacts Database


OCHA CAP Acronyms & Abbreviations


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