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Key Essays in 2002 on Conflict in Indonesia


Short articles


On 'researching' conflict

Ignas Kleden: Conflicts in Indonesia: A sociological review (Jakarta Post, 2 January 2002)


On conflict, ritual, and culture change

Badri Jawara: Festive 'Dero' no longer binds people in Poso (Jakarta Post, 5 January 2002)

Taufik Rahzen: Celebrate for peace: Reclaiming public ritual can help resolve conflict (Inside Indonesia, Apr.-June 2002)


On historical roots of conflict

Gerry van Klinken: Out of Africa: Colonial roots of Indonesia's ethnic conflicts (Inside Indonesia, Digest 95)

Lorraine V. Aragon: Waiting for peace in Poso. Why has this Muslim-Christian conflict continued for three years? (Inside Indonesia, Apr.-June 2002)

P.M. Laksono: How custom overcame religious rivalry in Southeast Maluku (Inside Indonesia, Apr-June 2002)


On creating solutions

David L. Phillips: Prospects for Peace in Aceh (Wall Street Journal, 20 February 2002)

Goenawan Mohamad: Malino (Tempo Magazine, Sidelines: 12-18 March 2002)

Todung Mulya Lubis: The risk of amnesty: Continued impunity (Jakarta Post, 25 March 2002)

Ignas Kleden: Reconciliation: Not just ending the violence (Jakarta Post, 30 April 2002)

Vanessa Johanson: Is reconciliation sleeping with the devil? The dilemmas of negotiating an end to conflict (Inside Indonesia, Apr;-June 2002)

Prasetyohadi: Malino peace process flawed (Jakarta Post, 22 August 2002)

Annabel McGoldrick and Aya Muchtar: Breaking the cycle of violence (I-II) (Jakarta Post 11-12 November 2002)


On trauma, children, and the future

Ignas Kleden: Dealing with cost of conflict (Jakarta Post, 14 May 2002)

Jupriadi: Ambon children express trauma through art (Jakarta Post, 24 May 2002)